Showtime’s Your Honor will leave you questioning the extent you would go through to protect your family. The “in your face” drama reveals there is no right or wrong in getting what you feel is rightful justice. 

Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) executive produces and stars in the series. His character, Judge Michael Desiato, goes to unthinkable, dangerous lengths to protect his son after the teen accidentally kills the son of a mob boss.

The fallout from his attempt to cover up the murder causes a ripple effect that touches everyone that comes in contact with him.

The gritty, fast-paced drama is at a turning point in its second season. 

Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, Your Honor incorporates multiple storylines to create a plot of revenge, political corruption, race wars, and desperation. 

Two of this season’s critical characters are Big Mo, the leader of the Desire gang in the Lower Ninth Ward, and Eugene, a lost teen on the run for his life. 

Andrene Ward-Hammond brings the female gangster to life, and Benjaman Flores Jr. embodies the burdened teen. Shadow and Act spoke to the actors about the crazy web that season 2 has woven.

Flores began by giving his interpretation of what Your Honor is about. “The series takes us to so many potholes, and then those potholes introduce us to these new characters,” he said. “These characters introduce us to so many stories and unravel different things. But the main theme of the show is how far you will go for the one you love.”

Ward-Hammond added that the series is “what it looks like when one bad decision spirals out of control and affects everyone around you.”