Boarding passes, carry-on bags and passport stamps bring me great joy in life. But jacked-up hair doesn’t. Sigh. Doesn’t it seem like we have to take extra precautions to stay fly on the road? Now, I’m no super-duper ambassador of all things #teamnatural but I do have a few essentials for how a curly girl can keep her curls bouncin’ while traveling.


Shea Butter this gem will be your best friend, ever. It is a skin moisturizer, hair moisturizer and life moisturizer. Since it has a high melting point, you don’t have to worry about it becoming a liquid before you reach customs. In any event it has melted that means you have died and gone to Hades and this post is the least of your worries.

Scrunchies/hair ties You never know when you need to put your hair in a ponytail. A visit to Niagara Falls will ruin your blowout.

Satin bonnet. This will protect your hair while sleeping. I am almost certain your Airbnb won’t have satin pillowcases. **If your Airbnb does have satin pillowcases please let me know.**


Conditioner. As much as you can carry. In some countries, the air is so dry you might have to Co-wash just to keep it supple. Preserve your sexy boo.

Shower cap. Take advantage of a long flight by getting your deep condition on en route. I like to saturate my freshly washed hair with my favorite oil (Spoiler Alert: It’s coconut oil). I place the shower cap on my head then a hat on top of it. The thermal body works wonders and you’ll be ready to slay from the runway. But if TSA makes you take your hat off, I hope you’re bold in your potential discomfort.

Denman brush. Detangling is seamless with this tool.

Rat tail comb. I use this to accomplish nice and clear parts for braids and flat twists.

The result of long flight deep-conditioning treatment.


Coconut oil is bae, but it isn’t my main one. Customs will confiscate it if you bring too much in your carry-on (provided it melts). If you are going on a winter getaway to a cooler climate you will be just fine. If you must bring coconut oil, a solution is to mix two parts coconut oil with one part shea butter in a small container to do the trick.

Bobby pins. It amazes me how much I need bobby pins on the road. Bring extra because you will always lose them… always.

Cute head wrap. Even if you are having the best of hair days, a sudden change of weather can leave you in shambles. Usually that isn’t a problem but when you are hundreds of miles away from your curly-girl stash, it’s a kill joy. Don’t skip a beat or miss your dinner reservation, wrap your hair up until you can wash it again.

New to head-wrapping? Check out this video to get the basics.

Did I miss anything? Are you on team carry-on and team natural? What’s in your suitcase?

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