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7 Blackface Visuals That Show America's Racist Past

Blackface is a major part of America's racist narrative
Ida Harris
 • 8 hours ago

White Teen Sues WaPo For $250 Million Claiming He Was Targeted Because ‘He Was A white, Catholic Boy Wearing A MAGA Hat’

Lawsuit claims Sandmann was targeted because "he was a white, Catholic boy wearing a MAGA hat."
Kamaria Monmouth
 • 18 hours ago

Black Millennial Experiences Are Missing In New Report On Millennial Experiences

Although Pew Research Center highlights activism and religion, it fails to capture the overall Black millennial experience.
Kamaria Monmouth
 • 18 hours ago

Officer-Involved Killing Of 19-Year-Old Afro-Brazilian Pedro Gonzaga Sparks Comparisons To Murder Of Eric Garner

Locals are comparing Gonzaga's death to that of Eric Garner.
Jazzi Johnson
 • 19 hours ago

Jazmine Headley, Whose 1-Year-Old Was Yanked From Her Arms By NYPD, Receives Standing Ovation From NY City Council

"A simple desire to rest ended with me getting arrested," Headley said.
Charmaine Griffin
 • 19 hours ago

Sacramento Kings And Milwaukee Bucks Announce Joint Social Justice Summit 'Team Up For Change'

Rapper Big Boi will serve as keynote speaker for this daylong convention.
Vinciane Ngomsi
 • 20 hours ago

Nike Unveils New Colin Kaepernick Icon Jersey

Nike said the jersey celebrates "one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation."
Sean Collins
 • 21 hours ago

Disgruntled Professor Claims Wayne State University Violates Title IX By Hosting Black Girls Code On Its Campus

“That program is discriminatory based on race and sex,” Mark Perry said.
Ricky Riley
 • 21 hours ago

The Political Work Of Black Women Must Not Get Overshadowed

Black women deserve better.
Tracey Onyenacho
 • 21 hours ago

21-Year-Old Man Charged With Hate Crime After Attacking Elderly Black Man

Check This Out
Milan Harris
 • a day ago

These Women Are On A Reading Tour Throughout North Carolina To Teach Kids About Black Cowboys And Cowgirls

The Saddle Up and Read literacy program is visiting schools, churches, libraries and child care centers.
Charmaine Griffin
 • a day ago

21 Savage Responds To The Memes That Circulated After His ICE Arrest: 'I Ain't Gonna Lie...'

Glad to see the rapper hasn't lost his sense of humor.
Vinciane Ngomsi
 • a day ago

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