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We've touched quite a bit on the pay gap for black women, and also how white women can sometimes dominate the feminist conversation in mainstream circles. In...

After 23 years in prison, 41-year-old Lamonte McIntyre was recently released, according to the Associated Press.Unbelievably, the Kansas City native spent over two decades...

The NAACP’s been getting creative lately. It’s issued an advisory for black people traveling through Missouri, and now it’s issued the mayor of Boston a...

Betsy DeVos strikes again!In a move that looks to have largely gone under the radar, The Department of Education has rescinded 72 guidance documents (63 documents from...




The Women Of The Congressional Black Caucus Are Demanding An Apology From White House's Chief Of Staff

Sgt. La David Johnson's Widow Tells 'Good Morning America' Trump Was Insensitive And She Needs Answers

This New Study Proves What We Already Knew, Body Cams Have Little Influence On Police Brutality

Here's How Racism Is Different In The North

Columbia University Commits $100M To Faculty Diversity Initiative

Popular Twitter Account Proven To Be One Of Many Propagandized Russian Trolls

Why It Was Important To See Fat-Shaming On 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood'

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