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In an open letter to her mother and newborn daughter shared on Reddit, Serena Williams wrote heartfelt words about body positivity, and how she overcame people saying her...

Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, is calling out local officials for dragging their feet in taking disciplinary action against Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who killed Garner...

As the Syrian war rages on, the Rohingya's ethnic cleansing continues, the war in Yemen drags on, the conflict in South Sudan shows no sign of stopping, many refugees...

Now that Dylann Roof, who killed nine black parishioners at a church in cold blood two years ago, has been sentenced to death, his case is working its way through the 4th...




10 Times White People Weren't Fired For Actually Being Racist

South Carolina Teacher Suspended For Asking Students To Justify KKK's Treatment Of Black Americans

Power To The University Of California Berkeley: School Receives Federal Funds For Black Panther Party Legacy Project

St. Louis Protesters Lash Out At Black Police Officers, Shut Down Business Following Smith Verdict

New Study Shows That Hate Crimes In These Major Cities Are On The Rise During The Trump Era

Check Out The Surprise Of A Lifetime These Capital Preparatory Students Received On Steve Harvey's Show

A Black Student Was Asked To Homecoming With Racially Insensitive Sign, High School Officials Step In

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