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Entrepreneur Vivian Kaye never intended for her company KinkyCurlyYaki to be a real company. It started off as a side hustle.Initially, she ran a wedding decor...

Last week, American Express CEO Ken Chenault announced his plans to retire in February 2018. Chenault's retirement will leave just three leading black executives –...

Three Texans who attended Richard B. Spencer's white nationalist speech at the University of Florida were arrested for firing at protesters with an "intent to...

The National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently awarded $16.3 million to Norther Carolina Central...




Trump Called Rep. Frederica S. Wilson's Johnson Statement Fake News, But Black Twitter Believes Her

You Can See This Powerful Play On Police Brutality Written By A Charlottesville High Schooler For Free

Black Protester Meets Hate With A Hug, Embracing A Neo-Nazi At An Alt-Right Rally

Reality Star Hazel-E Loses Endorsements After Homophobic & Colorist Remarks On Social Media

Find Out Why Funk Music, Just Like Samba And Rap, Was Almost Banned In Brazil

Too Broke To Be Woke? How To Unleash Your Inner Angela Davis While Being A Young Professional Woman

This Chicago School Is Preparing Students To Invest On Wall Street By The Fourth Grade

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