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American Urban Radio Network reporter, CNN commentator and NABJ journalist of the year April Ryan has been known for not biting her tongue during White House press...

Colin Kaepernick made a surprise appearance at the Alcatraz Indigenous People's Sunrise Gathering yesterday. The festival most commonly known as Unthanksgiving Day...

Recently, I found Wakanda. And I’m not talking about the official Marvel Black Panther movie trailer. I walked into Pier 27 in downtown SF, and joined a beautiful sea...

As we all know by now, Donald J. Trump (or whoever is behind his account) just can't pass up a chance to be the ultimate Twitter troll. He kicked off his Thanksgiving...




What You Need To Know About The FCC's Plan To End Net Neutrality

Virginia Teen Killed Trying To Protect His Mom From Domestic Violence

America's First Memorial Dedicated To Racial Terror Victims And New Slavery Museum To Open In April 2018

Uber Had 57 Million Accounts Stolen From It Last Year In Major Hack, And Paid Hackers To Keep It A Secret

Big Sean Blesses Detroit Area Students With A Suprise Holiday Giveaway

Only Three Countries Voted Against U.N. Anti-Nazi Resolution, And The United States Was One Of Them

This Is Your Grandma's Cooking: 5 Thanksgiving Dishes You Can Find In Almost Every Black Home

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