Whether you’re booked for a relaxer, a fresh lock twist or a new install, when you step into the beauty shop, styling is only a fraction of what you can expect. Brace yourself on any given salon visit to meet at least a few of the following cast of interesting characters:

1. The Gossip

She’s always at the shop, she know everybody’s business, and what she doesn’t know, she’s happy to fill in. We aren’t sure if she even gets her hair done, but best believe she’ll be making her rounds from station to station, serving up that freshly brewed premium tea.

people you're guaranteed to meet in a salon
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2. Deaconess First Lady-Elect

Oh, you thought she came in for that fresh set and curl for Sunday Service? No ma’am, she came here to judge. Ain’t none of y’all living right up in here.

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3. The Insta Model

She has all-access passes to every event, a body that refuses to quit and an IG following of 75K. You can catch her in the chair taking duck lip selfies of that fresh install.

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4. Hustle Man

You hungry? Hustle man is here with them hot fish plates. Need that new designer-like bag? Hustle man got you. Don’t sleep on the hustle. He got dresses, blu-ray discs and dental plans for the low-low.

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5. The Introvert

There are a lot of strong personalities in here. The volume stays on 10. If you’re not paying attention, you might not even notice my girl under the dryer minding her magical black business.

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6. The Intern

Baby girl just graduated from beauty college and she came to work, work, work, work, work, work! Her energy is awe-inspiring. They won’t let her touch the hot tools yet, but she sweeps, runs errands and hooks up all the pre-sew-in cornrows.

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7. The Don

His hands are gifted and his book stays full. There is absolutely no style, color or technique he can’t slay! If you’re privileged to have your scalp graced by his touch, prepare to have your entire life politely gathered, folded and neatly tucked away.

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8. The BAWSE

The salon owner is super chill and down to earth and 100 percent about her business. If you’re working in her shop, your rent will be paid on time, your clients will be set as scheduled and the petty drama will not be tolerated.

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9. The Bougie Chick

All designer everything. You can find my girl under the dryer, giving head-to-toe brand check and looking generally annoyed. If you can’t elevate her status, save your friendly salon chat. She can’t be bothered.

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10. The Woke One

She comes through bearing homemade butter for her natural client list. Find her at the shampoo bowl kicking knowledge on everything from chemtrails to yoni eggs. Hustle man packs his special organic quinoa and black bean salad just for her. Her aura is always on point.

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No matter what salon you go to, these characters are staples you’re sure to see. And together they keep things interesting, even while you’re under the dryer.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know who you expect to see during your salon visits in the comments below!

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