A California community has come together to help find the two missing brothers. The bounty for information leading to the return of Orrin and Orson West has grown to $100,000, according to the Bakersfield Californian.

The toddlers have been missing since Dec. 21, KGET reported. 

Orson, 3, and Orrin, 4, were playing in the backyard of their adoptive parents’ California home as Trezol West reportedly gathered kindle for a fire, and wife Jacqueline West allegedly wrapped gifts inside the home. 

“I came in the house,” Trezol told KGET. “I saw them there, went into the house, came back out, didn’t see them there.”

Jacqueline confirmed that she had not seen the toddlers either. Her husband stated that he began searching for the boys – canvassing the area and talking to neighbors. 

“I came home and I told my wife, ‘We need to call the cops’,” Trezol told the news station. “It’s getting dark and I need help, we’ve gotta get going.”

The California City Police along with members of the community also joined the couple to search for the brothers. 

“For some kids to come up missing, it’s terrifying,” said Eboni Brown, a California City resident, expressed to KGET. “So that’s pretty much where I’m at. It’s frustrating, and I’m afraid for my babies.”

The boys’ biological mother Ryan Dean also came to Bakersfield to assist with search efforts.

“I just had to be here because my babies are supposedly missing from this house,” Dean said, according to KGET. “So I just need to be here right now.”

An article from the Mojave Desert news reported that Dean suspected the Wests were involved directly with her sons’ disappearance.

“I feel like they know something or did something,” Dean said. “I feel that my kids are around here somewhere."

The FBI and Bakersfield Police are now involved in the investigation of the children’s disappearance. Authorities issued a search warrant and assembled evidence from the West family home. They also dug up the backyard for physical evidence. 

An update from KGET reported that the husband and wife are cooperating with law enforcement, but the couple’s other children, two adopted and two biological, have been placed in protective custody. 

In an interview with KGET, California City Police Chief Jon Walker explained that the small department’s officers followed up on every tip received, and they're working diligently to find answers regarding Orrin and Orson’s disappearance.

“We’ve questioned multiple people we’ve searched multiple places,” Walker said. “We’re following up on almost every clue or tip that we get. So at this point, we have nothing that actually shows us or proves what happened to the boys or where they’re at.”

He also stated that he’s not convinced the boys just up and left the home.

“Someone out there knows something. They know where these boys are – what’s happened to these boys. Yes, there has to be someone,” he added. 

Edward J. Norbert II, who identified himself as the boys' cousin, wrote a Facebook post on Jan. 4 to discuss their disappearance.

“My two little cousins are missing we have gone through tons of emotions the past two weeks and we pray that our babies are safe and sound,” he wrote. "Myself, my siblings, their grandmother, family across the country have received death threats and all threats have been forwarded to local law enforcement and FBI who take these threats very seriously.”

A SENSITIVE POST... I WILL TRY A BE AS NICE AS POSSIBLE... My 2 little cousins are missing we have gone through tons...

Posted by Edward J. Nolbert II on Sunday, January 3, 2021
The adoptive parents still maintain contact with the police, but now stay in Bakersfield.