11-Year-Old Student With Autism Intentionally Locked Out Of School By Administrators

A teacher can also be seen closing the blinds to ignore the child.

Autistic child
Photo Credit: Screenshot/KIRO 7

| January 29 2019,

4:10 pm

An 11-year-old autistic boy was intentionally locked outside of his school by administrators. 

The incident took place on December 14 in Kent, Washington. According to reports from Q13 Fox, the young boy's mother, JaVohn Perry, is seeking answers after viewing the footage of her son wandering Springbrook Elementary's campus.

She admits her son, Jamar, has behavior issues related to the disability but says no one at the school contacted her about the incident. 

Jamar's grandmother, Lovine Montgomery, said he was locked out of school for nearly 15 minutes. In the surveillance footage from a month ago, the student can be seen attempting to reenter the school.

A teacher can also be seen closing the blinds to ignore the child as other adults walked past him without paying him any mind. The confused student tried to open the front door, but no one let him in. At one point, he's seen wandering into a parking lot. 

“This is his school where they are supposed to keep him safe,” Montgomery told KIRO 7 News, “and they intentionally locked him outside.”

Kiro 7 News reports Jamar was prevented from coming back inside after recess.

Family members told the local outlet that the school's principal, Ashli Short, felt the child posed a threat to her.

The school administrator reportedly refused to let Jamar use the restroom even though he, as a special needs student, is supposed to have access to the facilities at any time. He allegedly entered the bathroom despite the principal's order not to. 

Jamar did not gain entrance into the school until a fellow student opened the door for him. 

“Imagine how my son was feeling? This is bullying,” Perry told KIRO.

Perry said the principal did not deny locking the doors.

“She admitted that she did when I asked her," Perry told Q 13. "She said that yes, she locked him out. That she felt she was in danger, so she wanted to make sure everyone was safe so she locked him out.” The administrator also instructed staff to lock doors and ignore him, reports Q 13 Fox.

Short has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of a school district investigation. As for Jamar, he is no longer a student at Springbrook. His grandmother and mother have removed him and placed in a better learning environment. 

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