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15 Black Chefs You Should Follow in 2015

Love eating but hate the calories you gain every time you eat your favorite dishes?  Want to live a healthier lifestyle but just can't seem to control yourself when it comes to food? People are starting to embrace the idea of healthy cooking and eating, and you should, too! Not convinced? Here are some awesome cooks that can definitely serve as inspiration to start you off on your healthy food journey. Bon Appetit! 1. Angela Davis of Kitchenista Diaries (@thekitchenista) https://instagram.com/p/1WnD6pxlYx/?taken-by=thekitchenista     2. Tasha Edwards (@sweetestvegan) https://twitter.com/SweetestVegan/status/529399805185781760   3. Sanura Weathers of My Life Runs on Food (@sanurajamila) https://instagram.com/p/z-2z4qO6RE/?taken-by=sanurajamila   4. Tracye McQuirter of By Any Greens Necessary (@byanygreens) https://twitter.com/byanygreens/status/509503413189894144   5. Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul (@sweetpotatosoul) https://instagram.com/p/1EVrQ7OI3u/?taken-by=sweetpotatosoul   6. Julie Topping of The 80 Percent Solution (@80solution) https://twitter.com/80Solution/status/544328939234021376   7. Jessica Hylton of Jessica in the Kitchen (@jessicainthekitchen) https://instagram.com/p/zSVHYTGjIu/?taken-by=jessicainthekitchen   8. Bryant Terry (@bryantterry) https://instagram.com/p/ztjmHSL0Ps/?taken-by=bryantterry   9. Christine Arel of No Gojis No Glory (@nogojisnoglory) https://instagram.com/p/0BuzsfPRwY/?taken-by=nogojisnoglory   10. Utokia Langley of She's Got Flavor (@shesgotflavor) https://twitter.com/ShesGotFlavor/status/554784061596913664   11. Christina Heggins, A Soulful Twist (@christinaheggins) https://instagram.com/p/0v2DjltHbf/?taken-by=christinaheggins   12. Darius Williams of Darius Cooks (@dariuscooks) https://instagram.com/p/1VxgOkMDNG/?taken-by=dariuscooks   13. Robin Andrea Burgess of Runaway Apricot (@runawayapricot) https://instagram.com/p/0VU5TWsJaZ/?taken-by=runawayapricot   14. Dee Dee of Miss Foodie Fab (@missfoodiefab) https://instagram.com/p/zNWc4qNiLO/?taken-by=missfoodiefab   15. Wendy and Jess of the Food Heaven show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-98HkMvlYA

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