If you’re unsure of what a TED Talk is, we’ve got the ultimate crash course for you

TED is an annual technology, entertainment and design conference where the world’s most engaging and influential speakers talk about well-formed ideas for a short period of time — like 5-18 minutes short, which is all the time these speakers need to spread their ideas, which in turn, will inspire and motivate us in one way or another.

The TED Conference is run by Sapling Foundation, a non-profit organization running under the slogan “Ideas Worth Sharing.” TED Talks are videos created from those presentations and they are shared and raved about globally.


I’ve gathered up 15 black TED Talks that you should definitely add to your list of videos to watch.


1. Bryan Stevenson

[ted id=1378]


2. Yoruba Richen

[ted id=2016]


3. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

[ted id=652]


4. Michelle Obama

[ted id=555]


5. Thandie Newton

[ted id=1193]


6. Clint Smith

[ted id=2059]


7. Malcolm London

[ted id=1737]


8. Leymah Gbowee

[ted id=1403]


9. Nadine Burke Harris

[ted id=2194]


10. LZ Granderson

[ted id=1478]


11. Mellody Hobson

[ted id=1990]


12. Jamila Lyiscott

[ted id=2028]


13. Reggie Watts

[ted id=1458]


14. Richard Turere

[ted id=1699]


15. Sarah Lewis

[ted id=1978]


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