Twitter is struggling with its patience as the country is awaiting multiple states to finish counting votes so we can finally figure out which party will take, or hold, control of the presidency and Congress.

There have been elections in the past where the country had to wait days, and sometimes even months, before all of the counting was done. But people are impatient and want results ASAP, something that doesn't necessarily jibe with the painstaking process of counting more than 100 million ballots.

But two days after Election Day, all eyes are focused on a few particular states that are still counting, namely Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada.

The internet, as always, kept us laughing and preoccupied with an avalanche of jokes about the slow vote counting, particularly in Nevada.

Here are some others that had us cracking up:

Much of the focus on Nevada centers around its importance to the electoral votes it would give Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who is leading against President Donald Trump 253 to 215, according to ABC News.

Biden is currently ahead in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Nevada, which would give him enough votes to reach 270 and secure victory. 

While Arizona was controversially called in favor of Biden, a number of news outlets have refrained from awarding the votes to Biden or retracted it considering how close the current vote count is. If Arizona is counted toward Biden's total, which Fox News is doing, Biden would have 264 votes. This would mean he only needs to win one other state to secure victory.

The decision to prematurely award Arizona's votes to Biden enraged Trump and his supporters, leading to protests in a number of states where Republicans are publicly bashing Fox News.

Despite the backlash, Fox News has refused to retract it, saying that once all the votes are counted Arizona will be going toward Biden.

Regardless of what happens with Arizona, much of the focus has turned to Nevada, where Biden has a big lead and analysts have said he is likely to win. 

But the seemingly inevitable Biden win in Nevada has only increased the number of jokes people are making about the slow count in the state.

Election officials in the state and others that are still counting have begged Americans to take it easy and wait so that they can release accurate vote counts. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of Nevada memes to keep you busy while you "doomscroll" on social media.