So here’s a list of many filmmakers to be aware of and support not just by following them on Twitter, but also by checking out their work.

1. @HillmanGrad

Lena Waithe is an out Lesbian writer/producer. She recently sold her show pilot TWENTIES to BET. TWENTIES focuses on a lesbian blogger named Hattie and how she’s far from got her life together, and how she and her friends manage to survive their 20s. Lena also helped create the feature film Dear White People.

2. @BillySorrells 

Billy Sorrells is a comedian and actor. He went viral with his Shit Black Girls Say video a few years back, and has gone on to produce many other hilarious web videos on his YouTube channel, along with appearing on Marlon Wayans’ Best Wins TV show.

3. @MissAndreaLewis

Andrea Lewis may look familiar to those of you who watched the Canadian high school drama Degrassi: The Next Generation way back when Drake was still a part of the cast. Andrea played his on & off again girlfriend Hazel. She’s gone on to start her own webseries Black Actress, about the struggles that come with being a black actress in today’s world.

4. @TheBlackTinaFey

Yvette Foy is a producer of the webseries How Men Become Dogs. The series focuses on a group of men who are constantly used and mistreated by women,  so they decide to become the stereotypical “dogs” that  are more desired by women since nice guys finish last.

5. @IssaRae 

Issa Rae is a writer, producer, and actress. Best known for her webseries, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, with a book of the same name that was just released! 

6. @JSim07

Justin Simien is a filmmaker who created the feature film Dear White People that was released in 2014. Dear White People received immense praise for it’s depiction of the many facets of identity crises that black college students face in today’s world, and the struggle to fit in on campus while still being on a journey of self discovery.

7. @ToddyRockstar

Todrick Hall is multi-talented. He writes, produces, acts, sings, dances, directs, and will soon have his own show on MTV. He has his own YouTube channel where he creates many hilarious parody videos and musicals he puts his own spin on such as Mean Gurlz, Bitch Perfect, Pop Star High, and many other videos that include many Disney spoofs.

8. @TahirTweets

Tahir Jetter is a writer/director who created the webseries Hard Times about a down on his luck guy who resorts to stripping to make ends meat.


Ava DuVernay recently made history becoming the first black woman ever to be nominated for the Best Director Golden Globe Award for Selma. Ava’s next project is going to be a film depicting a love story set during Hurricane Katrina. DuVernay is clearly one to watch and one of  the most high profile black filmmakers out there at the moment.

10. @zingbling

Nzingha Stewart is a director, and writer whose film With This Ring recently debuted on Lifetime. With This Ring focuses on the black woman’s struggle to find love in modern times while navigating the pressures of age and marriage.

11. @DeVonFranklin

DeVon Franklin is more than just actress Meagan Good’s husband. He’s the Senior Vice President of Production for Columbia Tristar Pictures, where he’s helped create films such as Not Easily Broken and Jumping The Broom.

12. @redrubes14

Yoruba Richen is a documentary filmmaker whose film The New Black received much praise for highlighting the struggles of GLBT African Americans and the struggles they receive fighting for civil rights within and from their own community.

13. @timkstory 

Tim Story is a prolific  director whose film credits include Barbershop, Fantastic Four and it’s sequel, along with both Think Like A Man movies.

14. @billewoodruff

Bille Woodruff is a writer/producer/director who started off making music videos and evenutally transitioned into feature films. HIs credits include Honey, Beauty Shop, The Game, and last year’s Addicted.

15. @PatrikIanPolk


Patrik-Ian Polk is a filmmaker best known best known for his  TV series Noah’s Arc and the film The Skinny.  He’s currently preparing for the release of his film Blackbird starring Oscar winner Mo’Nique.

16. @MissNuma 

Numa Perrier is an actress, writer, and producer and co-founder of the production company Black & Sexy TV. Black & Sexy TV’s series include Roomieloverfriends, YELLOW: The Problems and Pleasures of the Light Skinned Black Man, Sexless, and many others. These projects can be viewed on Black & Sexy TV’s Youtube Channel.

17. @RickFamuyiwa

Rick Famuyiwa is a writer/director who’s recently received immense praise for his film Dope, which recently debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

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The Oscars may not be honoring any of them anytime soon, but Tyler Perry didn’t become the most successful man in Hollywood because he needed the Oscar’s support. Tyler Perry became wildly successful because he had the support of the black community, and that’s all he needed to get to the number 1 spot… We certainly need more than just Tyler Perry telling our stories so check out these creators and follow them on Twitter.