2 Chainz has a new digital content series!

The rapper has teamed up with classic Margarita brand Grand Marnier to produce a new digital content series known as The Rouge Room. The 46-year-old artist highlights the unique qualities of the popular beverage in the new series and demonstrates how he fell in love with the drink.

“I’ve always been a margarita fan, but I found the secret ingredient that makes the classic even better: Grand Marnier,” 2 Chainz said in a press release. “I tried a Grand Marnier Quintessence margarita a few years back on my show ‘Most Expensivest’ and let me tell you that blend of cognac and orange is pure magic. It’s a whole vibe upgrade for your margarita and drink style.”

The new series takes place in a dimly lit room, complete with a red background and matching furniture. Relaxing on his red couch, wearing his custom rouge suit, 2 Chainz demonstrates creative ways of blending key ingredients to get the most out of the Grand Marnier brand. Andrea Sengara, VP of Campari America’s marketing, said the brand’s partnership with 2 Chainz allows their team to “forge deeper connections with consumers seeking new ways to savor and sip Grand Marnier”, according to the press release.

“This series not only highlights the blend of fine cognac and orange liqueur, but also invites consumers to reimagine their cocktail experience, from elevating the classic margarita to sparking inspiration and discovering their own unique ways of enjoying Grand Marnier,” Sengara said.

It took a team of highly skilled creative professionals to bring together the visuals for 2 Chainz’s new series. Atlanta natives Ray Neutron and Breyona Holt collaborated on the visuals while renowned stylist Erik Ziemba designed 2 Chainz’s rouge suit. Ziemba has also worked with icons such as Beyoncé and Lil Kim.


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The first clip from The Rouge Room series, which was posted to Grand Marnier’s Instagram page on April 20, shows 2 Chainz blending agave nectar (a natural sweetener) with tequila and lime salt as he enjoys his Grand Marnier beverage.

“It’s the orange and cognac liquor that makes it grand,” 2 Chainz said in the clip. “Grand margarita. Grand Marnier makes it better.”

Grand Marnier, owned by Campari Group, will make its presence at the Encounters on Road festival on June 1 and 2 in Philadelphia. 2 Chainz also has a lot on his plate in addition to his latest collaboration. The “We Own It” singer will perform at the inaugural Tacos & Tequila Festival in Frisco, the Dallas Observer reported.