Chicago is in the midst of a social, cultural and musical renaissance, but the narratives that shape perception of the city often downplay or ignore the city’s remarkable individuals and movements in favor of tired tropes of hopelessness. For the past four months, weekly radio show and podcast AirGo has been countering these narratives by showcasing Strong Young Voices from Chicago and beyond. Hosted by organizer/artist Damon Williams and producer Daniel Kisslinger, each episode of AirGo features a live longform interview with and on-air performance from an artist, writer, activist, thinker, actor or other individual whose work and spirit is reshaping the city and the nation’s contemporary culture. Two-thirds Studs Terkel and one-third Stretch and Bobbito, the show airs live weekly on WHPK FM and is podcasted on Soundcloud and iTunes.

After 16 shows, Daniel and Damon have brought the live on-air performances together and made We ‘Go Vol. 1, the first in a series of compilation mixtapes. Featuring original poems, songs, and freestyles from the unique artists featured on the show, the mixtape is an opportunity to better understand and appreciate the complex communities and movements that are alive and thriving in the Windy City.

Stream the mixtape below. 

If you’re in Chicago, come through for We ‘Go: A Chicago Showcase and Celebration next Saturday 11/14 at the Silver Room in Hyde Park. A live mixtape of sorts, the show will feature live performances from artists who have appeared on the show, as well as a pop-up gallery and live instrumentation.

The show is free and all ages, RSVP on Facebook here:

Find out more about AirGo: http://airgoradio.comListen to every episode on Soundcloud, and subscribe on iTunes.