Twitter celebrates David Bowie, defends Ciara, and watches Nicki Minaj take on a Teen Mom #SocialhoodWatch

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| January 13 2016,

5:15 pm

The Socialhood Watch monitors these hash-tagged streets for acts of civility and criminality alike. Just as the world turns, the tide of public opinion sways from minute to minute. We can praise your fave’s "woke" post today, yet drag them for their ignorance tomorrow. Read this week’s report below for the good, the bad, and the ugly in celebrity post.

The Good - Twitter Celebrates Ziggy Stardust

Sunday night, an icon was lost when rock legend David Bowie succumbed to an 18-month battle with cancer. The world not only mourned the passing of the 69-year-old Blackstar producer, but fans and celebrities alike paid their respects to Bowie's legendary career

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The Bad - When Bonnie Met Black Twitter

Monday evening was the highly-anticipated College Football Championship pitting undefeated Clemson against record breaking Derrick Henry and Alabama. The event opened with the singing of the National Anthem by award winning performance artist Ciara. While the performance may have raised a few eyebrows, the "Promise" songstress looked stunning in a full-length gown

ciara college football championship dress
Unfortunately some felt Ciara's attire was inappropriate for such a family-oriented event, specifically ESPN's Bonnie Bernstein

' Hitting send was a beckoning for Black Twitter to assault Bernstein's mentions, challenging her critique as nonsensical

' ' ' ' Although some did voice their agreement with Bernstein's remarks, it seemed Bernstein only made it worse when she charged her naysayers with pulling the race card

' These tweets summarize this perfectly

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The Ugly - Nicki Minaj vs. Teen Mom 

' Sometimes celebrities are just like regular people. Nicki Minaj proved this last week while binge-watching MTV's Teen Mom, and having some explosive reactions to one of the show's subjects. Seeing Farrah Abraham's nasty attitude toward her mother, Minaj took to Twitter belittling the young mother, even calling her out her name. Abraham answered back, and soon their respective fans jumped into the fray. The tweef continued and marked a new low for Abraham who enlisted her own daughter to clap back