Three cousins from Mississippi, Melody Stubbs, Courtney Harper and Janeshia Wilson, are all expecting twins in October, WLBT-TV reported.

Stubbs, Harper and Wilson, who are more like sisters, are not only having twins but they are each expected to welcome their rainbow babies.

According to Harper, Wilson was the first one out of the group to go public with her news.

“I think Neshia [Janeshia] posted first, and I saw her post, and I posted mine about a week or two later,” Harper said. “She called me and said you’re pregnant, you’re having twins?!”

When each one revealed the news about their pregnancy, they started a group chat as a resource of encouragement throughout their journeys.

“We talk about things we’re experiencing during pregnancy; we go to women’s health events together,” Wilson said.

The three expecting cousins’ good news came after each one previously suffered a miscarriage. They are excited to welcome their rainbow babies, which describes a baby that’s born after a miscarriage.

Stubbs admitted to being afraid after hearing the news about her pregnancy.

“When I first got pregnant, I was scared,” she said.

Wilson explained the emotional roller coaster of grieving a loss and celebrating new life.

“I have good days and bad days, emotionally; it’s a rollercoaster ride,” she explained.

The women, who have expressed overcoming life's challenges, now can lean on each other for support throughout their pregnancy.

“A lot of things go through our heads daily, like being a perfect mom, knowing that we’re not gonna be perfect, but the pro of it - is that we get to experience this together,” Wilson said.

According to the women, their husbands are just as excited as they are.

Stubbs is expecting a girl and a boy on Oct. 3, and she’s already picked out the names Legend and Truth.

On Oct. 5, Harper is also expecting a girl and boy who she’ll name Hendrix and Houstyn.

Oct. 11, Wilson is expected to welcome two boys, who will be named Karsen and Kasen.