On Tuesday night, Stacey Abrams made history by becoming the first black woman to win a major party's nomination for governor in the United States. She won the primary with a 53 percentage point margin. If she wins the general election on November 6, she will be the first black female governor in the United States.  There is work to be done between now and November 6.  While November seems far away to us, in a campaign it's not much time at all.  Stacey Abrams will need all of our help to spread her message so she can cross the finish line and make history.  If you're wondering: "how can I volunteer when I don't live in Georgia?"  it's possible. With the help of technology, there are at least three ways you can help Stacey make history without living in the state.

Phone Bank

If you have a phone, you can call Georgia voters on Stacey's behalf and join her virtual phone bank.  The campaign will provide you with call lists and scripts.  If you prefer not to call strangers, you can call everyone you know in Georgia and everyone you know who knows someone in Georgia and tell them about Stacey Abrams.


Not into calls? You can still help. If you have a cell phone, you can text Georgia voters using the Hustle App once you're signed up to help with the campaign. Your phone number will remain private and messages will be automatically uploaded.  All you have to do is hit the send button.  On primary day, I texted about 500 people in one hour. 


No amount is too small.  Trust me on this one.  $5, $10 or $25 will help. If you believe $5 is insignificant, you can schedule reoccurring contributions that will total to any amount that you deem significant.  The fact is, campaigns need money to reach voters and spread their message.  It is an expensive endeavor.  They need funds for television commercials, buttons, stickers, lawn signs, posters, staff, etc. Seriously, any amount will help.

To support Stacey Abrams,  you can complete the volunteer form and make a donation there.  Someone from the campaign will contact you regarding volunteer opportunities. Sign-up and follow her on social media to receive campaign updates.

Here's to making history in November!