Creativity can be defined in many different ways so I won’t get into the debate of what creativity is. I believe that we all have the ability to be creative but not all of us tap into our abilities. I had the opportunity to attend my first art party a few weeks ago in Philly and saw amazing creations. The event was called My Frame of Mind Art Party and was thrown by Marv Mack, Matt Ford, and DJ Sylo.  Here are five artists who really stood out to me during the event.


@_dannilion – Artist


Daniel’s paintings took me by surprise at first. They didn’t have any subtlety to them which I liked. It was in your face and direct. I also enjoyed that they were polaroid paintings rather than a traditional painting. All of her work has this pop that makes them seem so life like yet they’re not. You definitely should check out her IG page or Tumblr for all of her amazing work.

@yvng_drew – Photographer

  Andrew had some dope pictures up that really caught my eye. He has an eye for detail when taking photos. He’s been to different places from Philly to California and knows how to capture the moment to gain peoples attention.  

A photo posted by @yvng_drew on

A photo posted by @yvng_drew on

@phobymo – Photographer


A photo posted by |MO| S M I T H (@phobymo) on

Morgan is new to the photography world but she has been putting in a ton of work to catch up for lost time.  She had a wide range of photos some that gave real dark vibes and others that gave light and happy vibes. A year ago she was working at a bank with no purpose or passion. She began playing around with photography and fell and love. You can check out all of her work on


@bri.vii – Music Artist


A photo posted by BRISTEVES (@bristeves) on

Bri is a music artist who gained my attention once she walked in the room. Her style and aura was just different and nothing that I have seen before. I thought she might have had a painting or photograph somewhere in the room but I was wrong. She actually had a set where she got the chance to rap and sing her music. She ripped the set from start to finish. Check out the music and style on her website  

A photo posted by BRISTEVES (@bristeves) on

@MarvMack – Music Artist, Art Director


A photo posted by Marv Mack (@marvmack) on

Marv Mack is definitely a person you should pay attention to now. He put together a great event for the city to blossom and flourish. I also got the chance to watch him perform a few songs. The dude has bars and actually raps on relevant topics. You can watch a recap of the entire event here.

Meek Mill does a great job of putting on for the city but Philly has other creatives who deserve to shine. The city has young talent that are dope and brilliant. Philly has painters, photographers, and artist that deserve your attention and support.


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