If there's one thing that Beyoncé and her husband know how to do, it's completely disrupt the internet. That's what happened when Jay-Z and Bey dropped their latest joint project, Everything Is Love, on us Saturday, June 16. While none of us were expecting it, we all welcomed it with open arms.

Not only is the album an ode to their love for each other, but it also pays homage to blackness — black love, art family and community. It also allegedly addresses some rumors while throwing shade in the process. 

For those of you who may have missed the tea-spilling moments, here are six things we caught because of stanning table-shaking legends. 

1. Jay-Z addresses his rumored secret son and may have thrown an entire shade tree at Drake:

While Drake may not be willing to do so, Jay is all about clearing the air about any alleged secret son. On the track “Heard About Us,” Hov speaks on his alleged son, Rymir Satterthwaite. 

"Billie Jean in his prime. For the thousandth time, the kid ain't mine. Online they call me "dad," kiddingly. You're not supposed to take this dad thing literally."

Rymir's mother claims she met Jay in 1992 when she was 16 years old. However, Hov says he is not the father. 

Also, on his track "Boss," Jay spits “N***as rather work for the man than to work with me. Just so they can pretend they on my level, that shit is irkin' to me."

The Toronto rapper chose a $19 million contract with Apple over signing with Tidal. 

2. The Carters touch on alleged beef with Kanye...and take a couple shots:

Mr. Carter addresses his alleged fallout with his longtime friend Kanye on the track "Friends," and even touched on why he didn't attend the Kardashian-West wedding. 

“I ain't going to nobody for nothin’ when me and my wife beefin’, I don't care if the house on fire, I'm dyin’, n***a, I ain't leavin’.”

According to Refinery 29, he also took a shot at Kanye's sisters-in-law, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who received backlash for putting their faces over pictures of Tupac and Biggie. 

“Y’all put n***as on a T-shirt, it hurt you ain’t never meet ‘em."

People also allege the final shot at Kanye comes in the last track of the album, “LoveHappy,” where Hov raps, “Y'all could make up with a bag, I had to change the weather. Move the whole family West, but it's whatever. In a glass house still throwing stones. Hova, Beysus, watch the thrones.”

Watch the Throne is Jay and Kanye's joint album. Could it be a reminder to 'Ye that Jay will pick Bey over that friendship any day?

3. Beyoncé referenced Becky again:

In "LoveHappy" we hear Bey talking to Jay, and she almost lets us in on the secret the Beyhive has been dying to know.

"Lucky I ain't kill you when I met that b- (Nah, aight, aight)."

Bey, you know we've been trying to figure out who Becky is since Lemonade. Don't do us like that.

4. Bey paid homage to black historical figures while showing love to black beauty:

In "Black Effect," Bey sings "I pull up like the Freedom Riders, hop out on rodeo. Stunt with your curls, your lips, Sarah Baartman hips. Gotta hop into my jeans, like I hop into my whip."

She pays homage to Sarah Baartman, the South African woman who was captured and forced to put her body on display for Europeans in the 1790s. In the same line, she reclaims our beauty and our bodies that have been subject to European standards for centuries and pays homage to the activists of the Civil Rights movement who paved the way. A Queen.

5. The Carters not only celebrated black art, they did so in one of the world's most Eurocentric art museums:

First of all, who can rent out the Louvre for a music video? The Carters let us know that they got it like that when they straight flexed on the industry with that move. Not only that, they incorporated blackness from every angle. In a thread by Twitter user @itsmeheidi_h, she breaks down the significance of it all.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you properly stunt.