For many, the face of Don Lemon is one which engenders feelings of security, service and — on many a night on CNN Tonight — inconvenient truth-telling.

For others, the veteran journalist represents the opposition of a power that should not be questioned, his nightly performance a blaspheme against a president who wishes to rule as king. In both cases, Lemon’s likeness is one with which nearly no American is unfamiliar. In his personal life, however, there seems to be less room for politics and controversy. He and his partner Tim Malone are far too busy traveling, loving their dogs and capturing it all for Instagram.

Meet Malone — and while we're here, the dogs he co-parents with Lemon.

1. They travel with their dogs.

The pup parents — as passionate as they are proud — prefer not to be apart from Barkley and Boomer for too long, including on vacations. Underneath a picture of himself and Malone holding their dogs on a Bahamian beach, Lemon hashtags the names of Barkley and Boomer Malemon, combining he and his fiancé's surnames. Their family, it appears, is complete with adopted children clothed in fur. 

2. Malone and Lemon are engaged.

The couple, Lemon, 54, and Malone, 36, became engaged last year after about three years of dating. Luckily for their social media following, the pair has not been shy about sharing their union. Both partners’ Instagram feeds are populated with pictures of the two — along with, of course, their canine babies. Naturally, Barkley and Boomer were a part of the special day. Under his posted picture of Malone’s proposal, thoughtfully engraved on the puppies’ tags, Lemon wrote “How could I say no?” 

3. Malone is a native New Yorker.

Malone graduated from Southampton High School in 2002, per his LinkedIn. The school is nestled in Water Mill, New York, three hours outside of the city, and has hosted stars like Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez, O Magazine reports.

4. He studied journalism at Boston College.

Although he works in real estate today, Malone seems to have once shared his fiancé's passion for journalism. After he graduated from Boston College in 2006 with a bachelor’s in journalism and history, he entered the world of sales and marketing, according to his LinkedIn. Indeed, Malone, who spent three years brokering brand partnerships at Billboard after seven years at NBC, seems to have been moving since he finished his degree. Today, he works as a real estate agent, a transition he made in 2017, per his LinkedIn.

5. In 2018, they welcomed the new year with an on-air kiss.

Should followers of the CNN host and real estate agent inquire about their chemistry, they need to look no further than their open embrace of 2018's new year. A clip from CNN's live broadcast shows Lemon and Malone sharing a quick, familiar kiss and was sent pinging through the social media sphere.