Rapper 50 Cent has a taste for the theatrical and an affinity for feuds.

There's perhaps no better example of this truth than the Power executive producer's longstanding rivalry with fellow rapper Ja Rule. According to The Independent, the Queens-born rappers have been actively beefing since 1999 in a quarrel that has had a number of significant (and sometimes violent) incidents.

After a period of relative quiet, Fif and Ja's squabble picked up steam again at the end of last year thanks to some peak trolling on the part of 50.

In October, the "21 Questions" rapper bragged that he'd purchased 200 tickets to Ja's November 9 performance in Texas, spending a total of $3,000 for the entire endeavor, according to Vulture. What was 50's reason for putting coins in the pocket of his rival?

"So [the seats] can be empty. LOL," his Instagram caption read. 

Months later, Fiddy managed to say something reasonably respectable about his nemesis. 

The actor and rapper appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Friday, and the two engaged in a lively game of "50's Two Cents."

In the segment, Colbert asked Two Quarters for rapid fire answers to a series of innocent prompts. The rapper moved through the game with relative ease (except when asked to pick between Cardi and Nicki) until Colbert asked him to "say one nice thing about Ja Rule."

When it came for him to show his foe some love, Fif paused, then delivered the most 50 answer ever:

"Well, he's alive."

Watch the hilarious exchange below:

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