Coloring books may seem like a thing of the past or just an extremely nostalgic reference to our childhood, but their use is actually universal.

There could be chaos surrounding a child who's got their coloring book and crayons sprawled out in front of them but nothing will stop a kid who is determined to color. Adults deserve the same freedom. We go to work, we care for the children, we give, we build, we show up for all the things. Adults don't always get to be carefree, but sometimes we need to be. So, stealing away and enjoying the simpler things, like coloring, can really go a long way towards preventing burnout, keeping that temper in check, and just being able to take a moment to feel like a kid again, particularly in this godforsaken year.   

Check out these amazing adult coloring books illustrated by Black authors.

Beautiful Black Women Coloring Book

Celebrating Black women never goes out of style. The Beautiful Black Women Coloring Book recognizes and honors melanated women of all shapes and sizes. Create a full beat face or a fresh morning dew on your artwork.

Adult Coloring Book | Fantastic Beauties Book 2

Adult Coloring Book | Fantastic Beauties Book 2 is full of stunning images of beautiful Black women and exotic flowers. Thumb through the pages of this book and fill it with all the colors you can imagine.

Exhale: A Self-Care Coloring Book

Exhale: A Self-Care Coloring Book is a great addition to your self-care routine. While you're enjoying your bubble bath, why not let your imagination roam with creative freedom? Enjoy this book of images that reflect common self-care routines and celebrations of Black beauty.

Black Women Adults Coloring Book

Very simply put, the Black Women Adults Coloring Book is perfect for anyone who is, knows or loves Black women.

I Can't Breathe Black Lives Matter Coloring Book

2020 has been rough for all involved. Black people in particular are grappling with a pandemic that's disproportionately affecting our communities and witnessing countless incidents of police violence. Black lives being undervalued time and again. The I Can't Breathe Black Lives Matter Coloring Book  serves as a reminder and reflection that despite the trauma, Black resistance also matters. 

Coils, Crowns & Queenisms: A Coloring Book of Zen for Adults

It is always a pleasant time when Black girls and women can experiment with different hairstyles but too much hair manipulation can be a bad thing (hello, frizz and split ends). With Coils, Crowns & Queenisms: A Colouring Book of Zen for Adults, you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy virtually trying out some pretty cool hairstyles as you color and relax.

Mandalas, Mantras, and Black Girl Magic: An Adult Coloring Book of Zen

Mandalas, Mantras, and Black Girl Magic: An Adult Colouring Book of Zen celebrates African heritage and the Black woman in a most beautiful way. Enjoy coloring African artifacts, natural hair, diverse images of Black women, and affirmations to help get your day started or to bring your day to a calming close.

Don't worry, we won't judge if you color outside the lines.