Hey Y’all! Is that what they say in Texas? Short answer, yes. And I know this after my five-day Texas tour (three days in Houston and two in Dallas), which made me a certified Texan. Ok — maybe not, but I did immediately see the differences between The Lone Star State and The Big Apple. Here are some things that I found in Texas that I would never find in New York.

Note: When I say New York, I really mean New York City because we all know Newburgh doesn’t count.



If you want to silence a room in Texas simply ask, “What are Kolaches?” I didn’t even know this versatile puff pasty existed until recently. It is dough burrito wrap sandwich thing of yumminess.  Fruit, meat, veggies, and cheese are common fillings. Try it. Love it.

Swings out front


Random swings in the front yard. Front yards are a rarity for that matter.

No traffic lights

Texas has no shortage of long streets with no traffic lights. This really makes a difference when you’re asking for directions, your destination is a “left at the first light” and the first light is practically in New Orleans.

Nice bus stations

Fancy Greyhound bus stations were foreign to me. I was actually impressed with this — it almost makes you forget Greyhound buses tend to smell like death.


There are old-school hip-hop stations vs. old-school hip-hop “hours” Side eyes Hot 97.

Aggressive signs


Written warnings like these appear… even in restaurants.

Texas flags


Texas flags… Nope you will never see this in Brooklyn. Ever.

Are You A Texan living in the big apple? Did I miss any thing? leave a comment below.

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