Breaking through the top 10 mobile application on the iTunes App Store charts, Trivia Crack has inevitably found its way onto the Black Twitter app charts.  Trivia Crack is a game where you compete against friends in 6 categories: sports, history, art, entertainment, science, and geography.  Trivia Crack is easily addictive to any person who likes to flex their intellectual muscles against their friend, which is almost every member of #WellActually and #StayWoke twitter.  After speaking with so many Trivia Crack addicts and writing my thoughts as a current addict, I have 7 thoughts every Trivia Crack addict goes through.

1.  There is no way I should lose in this game.
I went to *insert school*.  We think having a bachelor’s degree from a reputable and rigorous university would mean we’d be experts at any trivia game. You believe that this free mobile application with user submitted questions cannot stump you and your masters; however you are wrong.  My political science degree doesn’t help me out with anything that is not in the History or geography section.  Even if you have a Physics degree from Stanford, you could lose to me in Trivia Crack if you do not know what movie Quentin Tarantino wrote but did not direct (cheat answer: From Dusk Till Dawn).


2. I’m glad my grade school education is worth something besides getting me into college.  If you slept through history, geography, and science class, then Triva Crack might be extremely difficult for you.


3.   Ok, so maybe I am not as well-rounded or smart as I once thought.  I don’t know what Variance means and missed all of the Harry Potter movies; so Shonda is currently 5-0 against me.


4.  I am too critical for a game like this anyway.  I had to identify a white Cleopatra, and they asked who freed the slaves.  I did not know if I wanted to keep playing the game or write a think piece on my blog about the true ending of the Civil War.

5.     Woah. 3 hours just passed me by and I am still here with a 3-3 record in a stupid game.  

6. WHY DID I JUST GET ART WHEN I HAVE ONE MORE TO WIN… OK, I am too competitive for real life.  After yelling “DAMN” out loud at work and having a convo with HR, I think I have a problem.

7. Ok, I might have a problem.  After you have begged your friends and aunts for extra lives through Facebook, you feel like a real junkie.    

… play me if you’re feeling bold: cheztheprez.

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