We love HBCUs here at Blavity and as we all know HBCU bands are an integral element to HBCU culture. No one can do it like we can. From the sheer instrumentation to the slick dance moves, HBCU bands got it going on. There’s simply no comparison. You’re guaranteed to get a great show every time an HBCU band steps onto the field. But some performances are truly exceptional. Here are 7 times HBCU bands blew us away. 

1. Alabama State University's "Red Light Special" by TLC

Not many compare to ASU's Stingettes! These ladies really know how to move it. Did you peep those poses in the beginning? Spectacular! Also, listen to the band. It's obvious they love what they do, but we can't stop looking at these dancers! 🙂 Can you blame us though? Great job ASU! 

2. Southern University's "Hello" by Adele

Southern University's nickname isn't "The Human Jukebox" for nothing. Southern almost brought a tear to our eye with this explosive and transcendent cover of Adele's "Hello." The glory of this performance is in the details. The ripples created by the band members, the texture of the sounds and the beautiful Dancing Dolls all blended perfectly together to create this astonishing performance. 

3. Miles College's "Broccoli" by D.R.A.M. 

This looked like so much fun! Miles College made their way to our favorites with this cover of D.R.A.M.'s "Broccoli". The musicality here is pretty much undeniable. It's hard to watch this without doing a lil head bop! One time for the culture Miles College! 

4. Tennessee State University's "Cha Cha" by D.R.A.M. 

"I like to cha chaaa…"! 

Tennessee State came to win with this saucy rendition of D.R.A.M.'s "Cha Cha." What's most endearing about this performance, is that it's clear the band is having a good time with one another. Comradery is the fundamental element here and it's apparent. They look great. They sound great. This is an outstanding moment for Tennessee State!

5. Jackson State University's "The Hills" by The Weeknd

Jackson State knew exactly what they were doing. They managed to capture the essence of the song while infusing their style into the instrumentation. This was an excellent song choice in that it really allowed the band to showcase their best qualities. We also peeped that choreography thrown in. It's great to see a band move well, while sounding like this! We loved this JSU! 

6. Bethune-Cookman's "Quickie" by Miguel

Wait…is this a choir or a band? Either way, we're completely here for it. Bethune-Cookman knocked this performance out of the park. The dancers were getting down too. Bethune-Cookman's band is super underrated. Ya'll better quit sleeping on them. They're out here giving it all they have! 

7. Grambling University's "Neck"

"Neck" is one of those anthems that have been performed by nearly every HBCU. But no one does it quite like Grambling. They execute this song with such vigor and passion that you can't help but rock out with them. Ain't nobody mad but the devil Grambling! Keep shining!  

Another day, another slay for HBCU bands. It's important to note that this isn't something new. HBCU bands have been killing it for decades. It's time we celebrate them for keeping HBCU culture high-spirited and entertaining.

Of course, there are tons of other notable performances. We couldn't catch them all. Share your favorites with us!