74-Year-Old White Man With A Criminal History Shot Seven Cops And Was Taken Into Custody Alive

Frederick Hopkins was arrested with minor injuries thanks to a negotiator.

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| October 04 2018,

4:34 pm

Seventy-four-year-old Frederick Hopkins shot and killed a black police officer and wounded six other law enforcement officials Wednesday in Florence, South Carolina, The Associated Press reports.

Officers came to Hopkins' home to serve a warrant for an unnamed 27-year-old accused of sexually assaulting a child living at the house.

When they arrived, however, officers were met by a barrage of bullets. The Chicago Tribune reports Hopkins was firing with such intensity, Florence first responders couldn't reach the fallen. Fortunately for the wounded officers, the Florence County sheriff has an armored personnel carrier, which was brought in to remove those hit from Hopkins' yard.

"Officers went there unknowing the firepower the suspect had," Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone said.

A Vietnam veteran and disbarred lawyer, Hopkins has had several encounters with the law in recent years, including a 2014 incident involving disorderly conduct. He was charged in 2015 and 2017 for "running at large" (crimes related to animal abuse), reports WFYMY News.  

This latest encounter left 52-year-old Terrence Carraway, a black 30-year veteran of the force, dead. Carraway had just been honored for his service. 

"This has been a horrendous evening," Florence Police Chief Allen Heidler said. "Today marks a horrible day, I lost a good friend of mine, my friend for 30 years. Pray for the bravest police officer I know."

Hopkins was taken into custody alive after sustaining a head injury.

A negotiator was used to aid his capture, likely because there were children in the home at the time of the shootout.

Children being in the home did not precipitate the use of a negotiator in several high profile shootings of black people, such as Stephon Clark, who was shot and killed in the yard of his grandmother's home. Nor was a negotiator used when an officer killed Jordan Edwards, himself a child, as he was riding in a car. Micah Xavier Johnson, a black veteran who shot and killed police officers in Dallas in 2016, was killed by a robot, The Guardian reminds us.

With this sad incident, Hopkins becomes the latest in a long line of recent white aggressors successfully disarmed and taken alive by police.

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