2020 has been a struggle, to say the least.

We continue to live through a pandemic and witness police brutality rob our brothers and sisters of their futures.

While the silver linings to come from 2020 have been few and far between, they've presented themselves nonetheless. In addition to Black women showing up and out in the 2020 election, we also had that day where we collectively imagined what Black superpowers would look like thanks to the Negro Solstice. Aunties showed us that thirst-trapping isn't just a youth sport after Tyler Perry posted a post-workout photo. And we all found a new auntie in music and newfound Twitter legend, Dionne Warwick

Thus, we’ve compiled a list of eight instances in which our glory was showcased through both our hilarity and resilience.

1. Sasha Obama living her best life

One thing's for certain and one thing's for sure: We Stan Sasha Obama and The City Girls. So when these worlds collided after footage of Obama rapping along to the Miami duo surfaced, it was hard to do anything but be giddy and keep shouting "period."

As if that wasn't enough, this year also saw the University of Michigan student continue to live her best life by participating in viral TikTok dances. Aside from these unapologetic displays of Black joy, we also saw the youngest Obama gush about her mother in the documentary, Becoming. 

2. The Negro Solstice

We were already well equipped with resilience and strength. However, when it was suggested that we’d receive superpowers on Dec. 21, Twitter exploded with celebratory tweets and memes.

The jury is still out on whether any of us actually received superpowers but we can rest assured that the comedy of it all was a highlight of the year.

3. Auntie Dionne Warwick taking over Twitter

Everyone’s newly-appointed auntie, the incomparable Dionne Warwick, joined Twitter this year and it might be the best thing to happen for all of us. Ms. Warwick’s niece Brittani Warrick taught our auntie how to use Twitter and she’s quickly become a Twitter phenomenon. The music legend has quickly built a Twitter reputation for herself in asking the questions we all want answers to.

From teasing Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd about their chosen stage names to offering sage advice on how to become a hussy, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

4. The other aunties wanting an entanglement with Tyler Perry

We thought we’d seen it all until Mr. Tyler Perry posted a thirst trap and the aunties came in swarms.

Shooting their shots via Twitter, the women spared no expense in promoting their viability to the Madea creator. A few of our aunties even resorted to cat-fishing to nab Mr. Perry's attention. The aunties let us know that thirst-trapping is a recreational sport that spans ages. 

5. Viral sensation Keedron Bryant's performance of "I Just Wanna Live"

The youth haven't failed to amaze us this year, either. 

Keedron Bryant became an internet sensation when his song, I Just Wanna Live went viral after George Floyd was killed by Minnesota police officers. The song is a stirring testimony of the reality of life as a young, Black man in America. Written by his mother, Johnnetta Bryant, the song has landed Bryant a record deal with Warner Records.

6. Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott sporting an afro while being sworn in

Being sworn in as the youngest mayor of Baltimore in over a century isn’t the only reason folks were celebrating Mayor Brandon Scott.

At his swearing-in ceremony, Mayor Scott proudly sported an afro and went viral on social media because of it. In a world that forces us to choose between embracing our Blackness and tucking it away for professional advancement, the mayor was a refreshing sight to see.

7. Raquel Willis' powerful speech for Black Trans lives

This year has been especially hard on our trans brothers and sisters and we must always make sure they’re included in any fight for Black liberation. Activist and former executive editor of Out magazine, Raquel Willis, gave a riveting speech on believing in #BlackTransPower. Willis gave the speech in Brooklyn on June 14 at a silent march for Black trans lives.

8. 'Black Is King' reminded us that we are all kings and queens

This year also proved that we couldn't escape from the meteoric star power of Beyoncé and her ability to make all Black people feel like superstars. Black Is King,  a visual accompaniment to the 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift, debuted on Disney+.

Mrs. Carter wrote, directed and executive produced the film which takes us on a journey to discovering the royalty that lies within us. Viewers are taken along the journey of a young prince as he takes the journey of self-exploration, unlocking the king within him as he grows into manhood. Things Queen Bey did? That.

To Black folks be the glory.