Former first lady Michelle Obama may not be in the White House anymore, but she continues to inspire young girls. 

Ella-Lorraine Brown — named after singer Ella Fitzgerald — knows greatness when she sees it. The 8-year-old wanted to dress up like Obama for her school's Cultural Heroes Day, reports Makers. 

Obama, of course, spent eight years on the world stage alongside her husband as the first Black first lady. Ella-Lorraine, however, chose to portray her hero before entering politics. Photos of the girl dressed in a denim jacket, red sweater and a white dress shirt went viral Friday, copying Obama's style as a Princeton University freshman.


“She was really in awe of the idea that with hard work you could become anything,” her mother and Princeton alum, Karlyn Johnson Brown, told Makers.

For Ella-Lorraine, celebrating Obama's achievements as a college student was important. She wanted to show that women can achieve anything without being attached to a spouse. 

This isn't the first time the young girl paid tribute to inspirational Black women. In the past, she has dressed up as famous pilot Bessie Coleman and civil rights icon Ruby Bridges, who was instrumental in ending segregation in the South. 

Obama has been in the news lately because of the release of her top-selling memoir Becoming. Ella-Lorraine is not the only girl inspired by our forever FLOTUS. This past Halloween 3-year-old Parker Curry dressed as Obama's official portrait.   

It is very likely Ella-Lorraine will continue to honor Black women in this way in the future. 

“Ella-Lorraine has been taught from an early age about the women for whom she’s named and how they used their voices,” Brown told Makers. “She knows that folks came before her that allowed her to be where and who she is today, and we’ve encouraged her to not back away from embracing that history.”

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