As a natural, I know the horror that can be wash day. You try your best to avoid it, but you can only wear your hair in a bun or a hat/beanie for so long. It’s the day you must suspend all other activities to devote to the well-being of your hair. That day you try those natural hairstyles you see on Youtube and then cry when they don’t work out. The day you pray to black Jesus, hoping he can bless your follicles. In honor of my recent wash day, here are nine gifs that describe every Sunday for me.

1. Realizing it’s wash day like


2. Going into the bathroom and realizing you have no conditioner. *screams* 


3. After going shopping for some hair products.


4. When shampoo gets in your eye. 


5. Detangling

crying naomi

6. Seeing a clump of hair in the drain and wondering if there’s any left on your head. 


7. When that DIY deep conditioner a natural hair blogger swears makes her curls on fleek doesn’t work. big sean

8. Considering sacrificing your first born so that your twist out/braids/bantu knots can dry.


9. Finally letting your hair out and realizing you is flawless. 

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