Nicki Minaj's latest album Queen debuted at No. 2 behind Travis Scott's Astroworld, and according to the Barbie, his baby daughter, Stormi, is somewhat to blame. 

No, no. "A six-month-old has no such power," you might say. Unfortunately, the"Barbie Dreams" rapper explained her theory through a series of tweets. 

According to Minaj, Scott wasn't playing fair by having his baby mama post about her and their daughter's excitement for his upcoming tour as a means to sell merch. 

"Me and storm ready for tour.," Jenner wrote in an Instagram post, which Minaj claims spiked Scott's sales by 50,000 units. 

The Queens-bred rapper took to Twitter once again to claim she's only joking, but not before people called her out for beefing with a baby:

Sarcasm infamously doesn't translate well via text. However, Queen Nicki stands by what she said as merely being dry humor. The response to her alleged “dry humor” is where the real hysterics lie. 

– Cardi B
– Dj Self
– Safaree
– Travis
– Kylie
– Stormi

Who’s next ?

— La Belle (@thallya__ah) August 19, 2018

What Scottie said.

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