Kim Parker was easily one of the best characters — if not THE best character —  on the hit television show The Parkers. Played by the unforgettable Countess Vaughn, Kim never failed to make you laugh with the various stank faces she pulled, the antics she found herself getting into with her family and friends or her overall attitude on life. To celebrate the royalty that was Kim Parker, below you will find nine life situations best explained by her.


1. When the DJ plays your song at the club.

2.  When someone tells you that you can sing.


3. Or just when your confidence is on fleek.


4. When someone tries your life via suggesting you do a long workout.


4. When your teacher comes at you thinking that you’re too busy talking and don’t know the answer to their question, but you do.


5. When you find out your favorite singers are having a concert in your town.


6. When YOU stayed on the phone late the night before YOUR EXAM talking to bae and not studying.


7. When your bank account is hella dry and you know your mama is going to come through and pay.


8. When someone answers your question with the exact response you hoped they would.


9. when someone tries to blame some foolishness on you.

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