Our daughter, Anaya, having a conversation with the taxi driver on our way home.

Reasons why this is AWESOME!

-Korean is one of the top 3 hardest languages for English speakers to learn.

-How many little black girls do you know personally that can speak Korean?

We put this video up as a way to show the benefits of raising your children abroad. This is meant to be a positive video to promote awareness that black people are traveling the world and our children are the products of our travels. We want to encourage others that it is possible!

This video was taken 2 years ago when Anaya was 6 years old. She moved to Korea when she was 1 almost 2. In the video, she confused the two words because she was young, just like any child might confuse a word they’ve never heard. Anaya currently goes to a Korean elementary school. She now knows the difference between the words now, lol. She even helped me translate some of it. 🙂