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A Bookstore For And By People Of Color Is Headed To D.C.

Lit literature. It's a thing.

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Angela Maria Spring is ready to make literature lit again for people of color.

Spring noticed a lack of multicultualism, especially when it came to the book reading experience in Washington D.C. A Latina woman, she's set her eyes on the prize with Duende District, a bookstore with the goal of creating a space for minorities to enjoy literature, community and opportunities. 

"I left my job as a manager at Politics and Prose in November to start Duende District with a mission to continually cultivate relationships and start conversations with books, gifts, events and displays, all curated and planned by people of color," Spring said on the project's Kickstarter page.

In opening the business, Spring hopes to truly bridge the gap between culture, representation and literature. 

According to Spring, Duende District's "mission is to empower people of color and create a high-quality, welcoming bookstore experience for all to enjoy." 

So far, Spring has announced plans for a pop-up shop in the heart of the District of Columbia. All literature genres will be included, with a special emphasis on books that are particularly relevant to PoCs. Likewise, Spring plans to use the pop-up to collaborate with D.C. artists, writers and community organizers, engaging all of them in order to help with the creation of her brick and mortar store. 

So far, the Kickstarter campaign Spring launched has pulled over over $5,000 worth of donations, a little past the halfway point of her goal of $10,000. Good luck to her in realizing what is sure to be a great thing for the community. 

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