We recently heard a story about an anonymous couple who left servers at a Maine restaurant a $2,000 tip on a $48 bill — but we found one that tops that. Chick-fil-A patron Brian Smyth was so pleased with his server, Shakeel "Shak" Williams, that he decided to build Williams a new home.

Here's how the bromance began: Smyth was finishing a meal at a local Chick-fil-A in McClellanville, South Carolina, when Williams walked up to him and asked if he could get Smyth anything else. They started talking, and Smyth discovered that Williams overcame a lot of adversity.

"He has sickle cell anemia, he has numerous strokes that have left him a little developmentally disabled, but with all of that he still has something that I want," Smyth told NBC2 News. "He has this sort of natural humanity that just shines through in everything he does."

Williams' positive attitude inspired Smyth, and the two quickly became friends.

"We talked for a few minutes, he was holding the door open for me, and he gave me a hug," Smyth said. 

Smyth got to know the young man's family and even started helping to pay for Williams' medical bills stemming from complications to sickle cell anemia. But one night, after driving Williams home from work, Smyth felt inclined to do much more for the family.

At the time, Williams was living with his mother and siblings in a trailer. So Smyth decided to have the trailer demolished and build the Williams family a brand-new house. It was filled with new appliances installed by total strangers looking to help.

"It's like a blessing," Williams said when he first saw his new home.

His mother, Tolunda, is happy with the values she taught her son.

"Shack treats somebody how you want them to treat you," she said. "I thank God first of all, and thank God for my son."

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