As global protests against police brutality persist, several police departments within the U.S. are experiencing what other outlets are referring to as “Blue Flu."

In Atlanta, a “higher than usual” number of police officers called out from work Wednesday after two police officers responsible for the death of Rayshard Brooks received criminal charges. Former officer Garrett Rolfe was charged felony murder and aggravated assault, and his former colleague Devin Brosnan is facing a charge of aggravated assault, as Blavity previously reported. According to Forbes, this type of protest, or “Blue Flu,” might be the next great calamity in the country. 

Vince Champion, regional director of the Brotherhood of Police Officers, confirmed to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Wednesday night that the protest was happening and explained what the officers were doing.

“There are officers walking off." Champion said. "There are officers saying they are not going to leave the precinct unless to help another officer. Some are walking off and sitting in their personal vehicles." 

The Atlanta Police Department sent a tweet from its official Twitter account refuting claims that multiple officers from various zones had walked off from their posts.