Christmas is just around the corner and if your money is looking a little funny, you may very well be dreading the holiday.

Last year, you may have had all the coins to buy your loved ones, and even a co-worker or two, the presents of their dreams. But we already know 2018 has just been different in all the ways.

We all know how real the struggle can get. But before drafting your “sorry y’all, I’m not doing gifts this year" group message, check out these holiday gift options: 

1. A Vinyl Record

Maybe you have a friend who just got a record player this year but has not amassed a collection of music worthy enough to host their next get together. Did they fall in love with SZA’s Ctrl album last year? Head over to your nearest neighborhood record store or order a copy on Urban Outfitters for less than $25.

2. Cards Against Humanity

What’s a holiday party without a good, vulgar card game like Cards Against Humanity? With all the craziness that’s been going on in the world, the one thing you need aside from some hard liquor is a good laugh. This season, you can get one in different varieties. You can buy them for $25 or less, on their website or download the free version that they offer on the website if you’re super broke.

3. Wine Glasses

Drinking a good glass of wine is like going on vacation without actually leaving your house. For your friend that swears they are a wine aficionado yet has no wine glasses in sight, this gift is for them. For under $4.99 you can buy a set of six wine glasses, or more, from IKEA.

4. A comic book

For the blerds in your life, you'll rarely go wrong with a good comic book. Especially if it’s one with a variant cover (a cover with unique art usually made by a specific artist). If you don’t already know what comic books your friend is currently reading, simply ask them in the most unassuming way possible or see what comic they’d be interested in checking out. Grab a new copy of Spider Man or a variant cover from a local comic book store like Midtown Comic’s from $5 to $10.

5. Blush or Eyeshadow palette

Does your bestie or significant other love her a good YouTube makeup tutorial? Consider gifting them a blush or eyeshadow palette from The Crayon Case, a beginner-friendly makeup line created by New Orleans native Raynell Supa Steward, popularly known as Supa Cent. Her palette’s range from $18 to $30 and she’s known for having some amazing sales.

6. Trap Yoga

Know a yogi who loves Migos? Trap Yoga Bae tours the country to deliver a unique type of yoga flow that blends mindfulness, physical connection and ratchet music. Her spaces are all about honoring people of color. If you can't make one of her traveling classes, cop your trap-loving yogi a Trapspirational Deck for just $25.

7. Inner Guide Planner

Setting intentions for the New Year is something many of us love in theory but once the clock strikes midnight, um, who did I say I'd protect my chakras from this year? The Inner Guide Planner is a yearly planner that allows you to create new intentions, reflect on goals, and journal progress on a monthly to weekly basis. It’s super helpful if your friend enjoys writing because each month comes with extra pages to write creative ideas. The planner is currently on sale for $28.95.

If all else fails, the Dollar Store can be surprisingly lit.  

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