The NBA Conference Finals are underway, and things are brewing over on the East Coast! The Cleveland Cavaliers played Game 3 against the Boston Celtics this past Saturday, but the game itself wasn't the only event that drew attention.

As many NBA fan knows, a star player's sweat towel used during game time is considered a souvenir. 

A fan wearing a MAGA hat gestured to James, requesting the Cleveland star throw him his game towel. According to a video posted on Twitter, it appears James saw the fan, then tossed the towel beyond his reach. 

The snub left fans wondering if it was because of the fan's MAGA hat? If so, it  certainly makes sense. James has been anything but shy about his regard for President Donald Trump. Given his killer score record, James rarely misses a shot he aims for. So–it is likely, James' mood at the time was something like: NO TOWEL FOR YOU, MAGA MAN! 

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James, however, hasn't officially confirmed the motives behind his action.

The Cavs took home the victory that night, with Celtics leading the series 2-1. 

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