Halloween is upon us, and one of our favorite things to do is see all the creative costumes that people come up with. Some were funny, some were super cute, but either way they were super dope. Here are some of the most creative costumes we've seen so far. 

1. These kids killing the perfect Smokey and Craig.

2. Bey's classic maternity shoot.

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3. The black Seinfeld.

4.  Ariel and King Triton 

5. Beyonce from 'Ring The Alarm'

6. Pokemon family

7. I know yall remember this episode from the sitcom, "One on One"

8. Introducing the Migas

9. Hey Susie girl!

10. Listen to the kids! Even they know #45 is a meanie.

11. This spin on Eleven from Stranger Things is amazing

12. Tina would be proud!

13. Because representation matters!

14. Classic TV moment.

15. Black love never fails.

Dwayne and Whitley #adifferentworld

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