A little girl’s “Black Girl Magic” resulted in crying peers in a classroom incident on Wednesday. 

Facebook user Jacquelyn Nietzsche posted a screenshot of an email she received from her daughter Mariah’s teacher following the child's comical display of Black pride.

In the email, the teacher explained Mariah was seen chiding her classmates during free play time, yelling “I have Black Girl Magic” to the white female students.  

“While we want Mariah to be empowered, this made some of the other girls cry,” the teacher wrote.

Nietzsche’s reaction was unfazed, yet amused.

“What the hell is wrong with my child?” she jokingly captioned the Facebook post.

While her response to the teacher isn’t yet known, it’s clear this mom is teaching her child some valuable lessons on self-love. The post quickly went viral as people came to voice their support for Mariah and Jacquelyn.

“There’s nothing wrong with her! You’re an amazing mom raising an amazing, strong, powerful, magical daughter.Way to go Mariah,” said an encouraging woman on Facebook.

Nothing is wrong with her. Everyday society makes Black girls feel like there is something wrong with them,” posted another.

In addition to words of encouragement, people also found time to crack jokes, one user commenting “first of all, Mariah isn’t lying,” on The Shade Room’s Instagram.

“Why they cry though they have white privilege lol” chimed another.

Although Mariah was flooded with support, there were still some critics of the now-viral email. Many derided the girl, using claims of “reverse racism.”

“So if a white girl went around shouting I have white girl magic, that would be OK too right…[it] is unnecessary,” commented one predictable IG user.

Despite the critics, Mariah and her mother are still unbothered and handling this newfound viral fame with humor.

“Good morning to all the Mariah fans that had no choice but to follow me because she’s too young to be on social media,” joked Nietzsche.