A Black retired school teacher in Virginia has been hosting virtual math lessons on social media, inviting the gratitude of many.

Delores Spencer, an 89-year-old educator, started teaching in Newport News, nearly 60 years ago. Since retiring in 1991, Spencer has spent the last 20 years tutoring at an afterschool program, according to Because Of Them We Can.

Last April, at the onset of the pandemic, the longtime teacher and her godson came up with the concept of teaching courses virtually on Facebook Live, Virginia-based news station 13News Now reports. Her lessons have garnered thousands of views and have supported students in the U.S. as well as internationally.

"I came up with the idea because I realized that parents are struggling trying to teach their children math. Most parents have the attitude of, 'Well I didn't do well in math and it's all so different now,''' Spencer said.

Each week, she offers a free "Mrs. Spencer's Math Lab" as a way to help students and parents transition to homeschool learning.

"I wanted to reach people who can not afford tutoring but need it. If I can find out what blocks you, then I can remove that block, and usually you don't need me anymore until you get to another block. And so that's what real tutoring is about. Sometimes you tutor a student all the way through a course. But most of the time, you move the block, and they come back when they need you again. And that's what you really want," Spencer said.

The benevolent educator also offers bookings for one-on-one tutoring or group sessions. But it’s the former school teacher’s gentle nature and calming touch that has endeared her to so many people.

"This is my fifth week and I have over 9,000 people that have looked at my videos. The response from the students and parents have been so encouraging that I may keep this going after the pandemic calms down and is over," Spencer said.

Support for her virtual classes on Facebook has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of her followers complimented her teaching grace and command over the material.

“Aunt Dee, you are simply amazing. I am where I am because of you,” Rhonda Poindexter said on Facebook.

At a young age, Spencer said she often felt comfortable stepping into teaching roles.

“From a little girl I was teaching, teaching doll babies,” she told WTKR. “One of my teachers, one year, was out six weeks after surgery, and I taught the class because the substitute said that she didn't know how to teach algebra, and the class voted me to be the teacher.”

The beloved teacher said that the secret to her success in life lies in a simple but sacred saying.

“I tell people it's 'G, G and G': God, genes and good living,” Spencer said. “Being active makes a difference in how you grow old.”

You can tune into "Mrs. Spencer's Math Lab" every Tuesday on Facebook Live at 7 p.m. EST.