While Amber Guyger is getting paid to sit at home, a group of activists have been jailed for protesting at a Dallas Cowboys game.

Nine people were arrested after they blocked an entrance at AT&T Stadium on Sunday, according to Mic. The group was protesting to demand justice for Botham Jean, the man who was killed by Guyger, an off-duty Dallas Police officer. Guyger claims she mistook Jean's apartment for her own and shot him because she thought he was an intruder. She was charged with manslaughter and released two hours later after she posted bond. Guyger is currently on administrative leave.

Meanwhile, the activists were charged with obstructing a pathway, a class B misdemeanor. Non-violent protest is usually classified as a class C misdemeanor and people under that category are released as soon as they post bond. Under a class B, the protesters must remain in jail until they can appear in front of a judge.

“At this point, the protesters’ ordeal has lasted 15 hours,” civil rights attorney Lee Merritt said. “These activists were arrested for blocking an entrance. Amber Guyger was arrested for killing a man and she was released within two hours.”

An email from Christopher Cook, an Arlington Police officer, claims the group was arrested because they refused to follow orders, according to The Star-Telegram. 

“They were given orders to disperse and not block the roadway and failed to comply,” Cook said.

Minister Dominique Alexander, president of the Next Generation Action Network, disputes that account. 

“They were walking away when officers approached them,” he said.“It was pretty much already over with, yet they detained them.”

There was another protest happening at the time of the arrests, according to KGNS.

About 75 people marched to the stadium with two coffins and a hearse to represent Jean and Oshae Terry, another Texas man who was shot and killed by police.

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