Baltimore City’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign is one like no other. In order to encourage city residents to get vaccinated the Baltimore City Health Department put together a series of amusing memes.

In one meme, a white couple sitting on the couch is seemingly upset with the woman looking frustrated, and the man appearing to be concerned.

“Mimosas with the girls? You still aren't vaxxed, Debra!” the man exclaims to the woman.

In the ad, the city takes a jab at mimosa-loving crowds who have yet taken the liberty to get vaccinated.

In another meme, a Black woman looks frustrated and has her hand resting on a man's head, while the guy points his finger at her as if he’s reprimanding her.

“Green tea can't cure COVID, Trina!” the man is quoted saying as the Baltimore City Health Department gets direct with people proclaiming their natural herbs have healing power against the virus.

"Green tea is great on a rainy afternoon. But it is no substitute for getting vaxxed," the ad continues. 

Another one of the health department’s memes features a white man posing with a piece of lettuce in his mouth, with the words above him that read “Salad doesn't cure COVID, Connor. We're pro heathy eating. We're pro healthy living. But a Keto diet and jogging in the park isn't a substitute for the vaccine."

In a fourth meme, a Black couple is seen on a couch engaging in what looks like an argument. The woman says to her partner “Ginger Ale can't cure COVID, Derrick! Your grandma is right, Ginger Ale does help settle an upset stomach. But it's no substitute for getting vaxxed." 

The ad is a play on Ginger Ale being coined a staple in Black households, but the health department wants its predominantly Black populated city to know that the soda is not a cure or preventable measure from COVID-19.

The Baltimore City Health Department appears to tackle just about every conspiracy theory that discusses how to prevent or get rid of COVID-19.

Although eating well, drinking tea and ginger ale may be the cure to tackle other illnesses, the department lets it be known that your best bet is to simply get vaccinated.