Rapper Benny the Butcher isn’t pleased with today’s hip-hop fans and their constant tendency to criticize everything.

The Buffalo native recently took to Instagram to share his thought process on modern-day criticism in hip-hop. In particular, he aims at people who are fixated on criticizing the music rather than “enjoying the music.”

“Stop tryna always give y’all opinion, ’cause you n***as is not Stephen A. Smith,” Benny said. “Respectfully though, enjoy the music. Motherf**kers don’t enjoy the music no more. They just critique the music.”

He continued, “The people you’re critiquing, you’ve gotta realize a large percent of them got here without your opinion respectfully. Don’t take this the wrong way. … Get back to enjoying the music, man. Get back to celebrating these artists,” he advised. “Not saying that y’all gotta like everything, but just enjoy it, man. Can we get back to enjoying the music? Y’all see where this s**t is goin’. So uplift the people who putting s**t out that y’all do like, man. ‘Cause this s**t is getting out of control. … Don’t weaponize your opinion though, my n***a.”

The Griselda Records artist also called out “failed rappers and broke trappers” and “n***as whose life is only relevant when they typing.”

On Saturday, Benny the Butcher took to Twitter to respond to “loyal fan” @_Chubbey, who tweeted, “The Streets ISSSSS waiting on the album, being patient…ready for you to drop another #Classic #BSF #Griselda.”

“Rappers be droppin albums when nobody asked for em so I appreciate the anticipation from y’all 🙏🏾 Everybody Can’t Go x The Butcher x Def Jam x GxFR x B$F x HitBoy x Alchemist,” he wrote.

According to The Butcher, he believes his forthcoming album, Everybody Can’t Go, will be Def Jam’s best release since DMX’s groundbreaking 1998 debut, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot