Beyoncé made a surprise visit to Brazil Thursday night to celebrate her Renaissance concert film, and fans couldn’t believe the Grammy Award-winning singer visited the South American country for the first time in over a decade.

According to HuffPost, a clip of the Club Renaissance celebration made its rounds on social media as the crowd was excited to see the 42-year-old legendary performer.

“Brazil, I love you so much,” Beyoncé told fans, per The Hollywood Reporter. “I came because I love you so much. … It was very important to be here, right here.”

In a clip shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, she also explained that she wanted to bring the Renaissance experience to her Brazilian fans since she could not tour the South American country.

“I was not able to come [to Brazil] for the Renaissance tour, but I’m so happy to give the Renaissance film, so you guys can be a part of the Renaissance. Because you are the Renaissance,” she said in the 19-second clip. 

During the event, Beyoncé did the classic “everybody on mute” challenge, and fans were too excited to participate in the popular trend.

The video sparked reactions from X users as they discussed fans seeing the singer for the first time in over a decade.

“Beyoncé trying to get Brazilians to do the mute challenge . She can’t be serious, like sis, they haven’t seen you in 50 years,” one person said.

Other users shared hilarious posts of Beyoncé’s surprise visit to Brazil:

In early December, Blavity reported that the Houston native released her new single “My House” in addition to the documentary Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. The film hit theaters nationwide as the Bey Hive relived classic moments from the highest-grossing tour.