Beyoncé keeps the buzz alive as she continues to promote her newest album, Cowboy Carter. She recently sparked excitement within the BeyHive by participating in the “II Hands II Heaven” dance challenge.

On Tuesday, the 42-year-old shared a collage of photos and videos on her Instagram account, recapping her time at this year’s Coachella festival to support Chloe Bailey’s performance at the event. 

However, what truly captivated viewers was Queen Bey’s rendition of choreographer Drea Kelly’s viral dance to the fan-favorite track, sparking a popular challenge across social media platforms.


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Although Bailey initially started the challenge with Kelly’s dance moves, it seemingly has turned into the “II Hands II Heaven” dance, and Beyoncé is here for all of it. 

The clip circulated widely on X, formerly known as Twitter, with users praising both Beyoncé and Kelly, speculating that the infectious dance move might feature prominently if an official Cowboy Carter tour is in the works.

“Who remembers that tweet about us thinking Beyoncé will be confused about us doing the Drea Kelly dance on tour when in reality, Beyoncé will be doing it with us? 😂😂” one user said. 

“Y’all made that challenge to mock Drea Kelly and Beyonce is literally doing the choreography. Let this be a reminder to be confident and bold in exactly who YOU are, the right eyes are always watching,” another wrote. 

“Beyoncé doing the drea Kelly dance she deserves all the noise that lil dance brought. Further Beyoncé recorded Chloe dancing and even learned the step from her Beyoncé says as she smiles at her prodigy. ‘And you Chloe, are a gorgeous girl. That was a wonderful performance,'” a third user said. 

One user pointed out that Kelly wasn’t dancing to “II Hands II Heaven” when the clip first went viral on social media. 

“It’s the fact that Drea Kelly wasn’t even dancing to “II Hands II Heaven” in the first place and now Beyoncé herself is doing this…ICONIC🙌🏾!!!….” the person tweeted with a video of Kelly dancing.