Houston’s own Frenchy’s Chicken is a well-recognized name that has none other than Beyoncé fanning out due to its secret-but-oh-so-delicoius recipe.

Percy “Frenchy” Creuzot Jr. founded the restaurant on July 3, 1969, which was originally a sandwich shop named Frenchy’s Po-Boy, according to USA Today. After years of attempts to craft the perfect mix of seasonings, he and his wife, Sallie Creuzot, stumbled upon what they believed would surprise customers’ tastebuds. When the couple started selling their fried chicken using their family recipe, they realized they had a hit on their hands and have continued feeding the Houston community ever since.

“We tried to develop a recipe that was different,” the 96-year-old said in an interview with USA Today. “I worked at it for some years, but finally I think we got it to where we wanted it, we were happy with it, customers we’re happy with it, and people began to talk about it.”

As it became a popular Black-owned food spot, it eventually expanded into a full-service Southern Louisiana eatery that offers fried chicken, shrimp, catfish, boudin balls and “creole sides” like dirty rice, red beans and collard greens. There are now a total of 10 locations customers can go to in the Houston realm and a brick-and-mortar nearly three and a half hours away in Longview, Texas. The flagship location recently moved to a new property 12 minutes away at 3602 Scott St.

After Creuzot passed away from a stroke in 2010, it was important to his wife and son, Percy “King” Creuzot, to keep his legacy alive by never letting the family business fall as it’s more than just a chicken joint.

“My dad was Percy Creuzot Jr. and he came to Houston and what he wanted to do was introduce Creole food to Houston, Texas,” King said. “It started out as Frenchy’s Po’Boy, and he started out making po’boy sandwiches. Along the way a friend encouraged him and almost made him fry chicken.”

The culinary staple’s first location is located in Houston’s Third Ward area, where international superstar Beyoncé grew up. Since it was a part of her childhood, this would explain why she has a special connection to the franchise. And with Creole roots from her mother, Tina Knowles, it should be no surprise the Houston native is a fan of a food place serving up Southern-styled food full of flavor.

The “Cuff It” singer even shared a moment of her praising the Frenchy’s Chicken during a food run in her film, Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, during the Houston stop of her Renaissance World Tour.

“I feel like I need to get out of the South quickly,” the 32-time Grammy winner said while eating the famous fried chicken. “It’s dangerous. No place like home.”

The Cruezots got to know the Dreamgirls actress from a young age due to her growing up in the neighborhood of the veteran location.

“Of course, they are very friendly people. Beyoncé was a charming little girl,” she said. “Even now when she comes into town she’ll come to Frenchy’s, and I’ll never forget when she brought her little Blue Ivy … and now I see her dancing and it’s just wonderful.”

Ernest Ray Hunter II, CEO of Frenchy’s Companies, told USA Today that the restaurant is far “from just a chicken restaurant,” it’s a place that brings the community together, which is why he believes Beyoncé places an order anytime she visits.

“Her love of Frenchy’s I think goes beyond how great our food is,” Hunter said. “It’s similar to her connection to her community.”


The company was born and bred in a city filled with rich history, especially for Black Americans, which is why Frenchy’s Chicken prides itself on being heavily involved in uplifting the Houston community that supports it.

“We’re a part of this community and this community is a part of us,” Hunter said. “We are 100% woven into not only the fabric of this street and this community but into the individuals that have grown up in Third Ward.”