Beyoncé has been honored on the floor of the House of Representatives as a send-off to Black History Month and to mark the beginning of Women’s History Month.

The Hill reports that California Democrat Rep. Robert Garcia spoke up on the House floor to give Beyoncé her flowers. He said, “I rise today to commemorate the end of Black History Month and the beginning of Women’s History Month by honoring an individual who represents both so well.”

“She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she’s now and forever the moment,” he said, standing next to Beyoncé’s picture. He added that Beyoncé is “so much more than a performer and a singer…She’s a creator and an artist. When the radio said to speed it up, she went slower. And I’ll never forget the time I saw Destiny’s Child perform for the very first time.”

“It was life-changing for me and the way I experienced music,” he continued. “I became an instant fan then and have been a huge fan ever since.” He also said the singer has been a role model who “stood up for voting rights, for feminism, for women and girls, for my community–the LGBTQ+ community. For my generation and so many others, she simply is the greatest of all time. Her story is history.”

He ended his speech with a line from one of the singer’s songs, saying, “You are irreplaceable.”

As The Hill notes, it is not uncommon for politicians to give commemorative speeches on the House floor, citing how The Simpsons was honored for its 20th anniversary and Notorious B.I.G. was honored on the 20th anniversary of his death. However, this marks a huge moment for the Beyhive as their queen gets acknowledged by the country’s governing body. For many fans, this is yet another sign that Beyoncé is the greatest.

“A Beyonc[é] tribute I never predicted we’d see on the House floor,” wrote Politico Senior Washington Correspondent Rachael Bade on Twitter. She quoted part of Garcia’s speech regarding him seeing Destiny’s Child for the first time. She added after his remarks, “Amen!”

A Beyoncé fan also wrote, “Never thought I’d see the day that a Congressman would devote their time to extoll Beyoncé’s greatness on the House floor. Legendary isn’t even the word lol.”

Another fan wrote in part, “She really is the Queen.”