Beyoncé Left All Her F**ks At Home For The OTR II Tour And We're Enjoying Every Second Of It

Bey is having fun on the run!

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| September 04 2018,

06:41 am

Outside of being one of the baddest entertainers in the universe, Beyoncé is also known for her poised and polished nature. But during Queen Bey's second On The Run tour, it's become apparent that there's a general dearth of f**ks being given. We're not sure if it's the twins or getting older or being able to fully enjoy the second tour with her husband, but we are here for it. In honor of the 37th Bey day, we've compiled some clips from the On The Run II tour to help us all appreciate what happens when Beyoncé lives her best life.

Freestyling Fun

Bey definitely knows her way around an 8-count. Iconic dance moments like Beychella had everybody mad obsessed with recreating the routine. But, sometimes Bey just wants to bop around. We love a silly Bey! 

Got folks what homegirl is even doing. Living her best damn life, that's what. 


The Baddest B

Bey always had an idea she was the baddest girl in the game (now wearing Jay's chain), but the level in which she now knows her influence is something to behold. We stan a confident queen.

And we always here for those renditions of "Resentment."

Bey be like, "I know she was attractive..."

Oh, and she even makes almost falling look better than everyone else's standing up.

Love To The Hive

The Hive is always ready for some interaction with their queen and OTR II hasn't had any shortage of that. Her interactions with fans, no matter how seemingly trivial, have been a sight to behold.

That Awkward Ambush

During an August 25 tour stop in Atlanta, two men tried to bum-rush the stage in an apparent attempt to reach Jay and Bey as they exited the stage. Of course their plans were foiled when security finally caught up to them. The whole thing was such a fiasco, even the dancers got buck and tried to stop them.

Of course, it was all caught on tape.

Though the situation did cause a fright, once the power couple's safety was assured, it was kind off funny -- even Bey got a laugh out of it.

During a second appearance in the city, she poked fun at the bizarre incident.

That's right, B! Bet they won't try that again.


She and Jay figured it would be fun to take the running joke on the tour with them and fans have been living for it. 

Keep living Yoncé and happy 37th Bey Day!

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