Turns out, there's a slight scheduling issue with OTR II's Paris stop and the World Cup.

France has made it to the final match of what's arguably the biggest sports event in the world, and with the nation tuning in to root for their players, Beyoncé and JAY-Z figured out a whole new way to cater to their crowd!

As USA TODAY reports, the popular couple won't make their fans choose: instead they plan to combine their concert with a broadcast of the match! 

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France won its semi-final game against Belgium in a 1-0, victory and will be advancing to the final match on July 15, the same day as Bey and Jay's Paris leg of their tour. The pair announced on Wednesday they're hosting a World Cup viewing party at Stade de France stadium, and their performance will jump off after the game is over.

“Twenty years after the French team won its first world title, Beyonce and JAY-Z invite people with tickets for their concert to come to the Stade de France at 16h00 in order to take advantage of the stadium’s screens, as well as those of the production team, to carry Les Bleus towards their final victory," the OTR II Paris tour organizers said according to Sport Pesa News

Wondering who'll be facing off against France at the grand finale? Croatia, after a stunning defeat of England. Let the games begin! 

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