A Black deputy in Georgia was forced to resign three days before his retirement because of an Afro wig he wore while patrolling traffic.

According to Channel 2 Action News, DeKalb County Deputy Antonio Perryman was told that he "disgraced the uniform" because he wore the wig.

In an interview with the news station, Perryman said he wore the wig because he wanted to do something different during his last few days at work.

Perryman said people had fun with the wig, taking pictures of him as he was patrolling traffic near the county’s courthouse.

“You know that made me feel a little joyous about that being my last week,”  Perryman told Channel 2 Action News. “My plan was to finish with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office with 20 years of service, and I got robbed from that.”

Perryman doesn’t expect to miss any pay because of his resignation, but his records won’t reflect that he retired, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Perryman told the news station that he got a late-night phone call from a supervisor following the incident and was forced to resign. 

"I was later informed by Chief Maddox that she and the sheriff were totally upset over the Afro wig and told me that I disgraced the uniform," Perryman said. "When she told me that, I just got numb. Like ‘I disgraced the uniform?'"

Perryman isn't the first officer in Georgia who wore a wig on the job.

In 2018, a police officer in Woodstock lost a bet and directed traffic while wearing a purple wig. There was no reported consequences for that officer. 

In 2017, a white police officer in Nevada wore a Colin Kaepernick jersey with an afro wig and a fake nose as part of a Halloween costume. When asked whether or not the officer was disciplined, the chief of the police department for the University of Nevada, Reno, said,  “We have no policy that would dictate any disciplinary action.”