A Brazilian manufacturer is in tepid water today after launching a new brand of luxury black toilet paper using the slogan “Black is Beautiful.” The advertising campaign for The Personal VIP Black toilet paper stars a well-known white actress, wearing nothing except for a few strips of the black toilet paper. Launched on Monday by Santher - São Paulo based company, the toilet paper ad caught the attention of online activists.

Rio-based writer, Anderson França, aired his grievances on Facebook saying, "People died so that this expression could be revered until today. People continue dying and this expression is more important and vital than ever before. But, in Brazil, if you key in #BlackIsBeautiful you are going to find ass paper." Franca's post quickly went viral bringing more attention to the problematic ad.

In an interview with The Guardian, Humberto Adami - a leading black lawyer in Rio who chairs the National Truth Commission of Black Slavery in Brazil, said “When these adverts suggest this type of subliminal racism they should be removed because they reinforce the teaching of racism. This is very serious.”

On Tuesday, the campaign was removed after Santher and Neogama, the São Paulo advertising agency responsible for the campaign, released a statement expressing regret for any offense caused.