Twitter had one helluva Saturday, from the #ObamaAndKids fun to #BlackMenGreetings it was a love-fest of sorts. And at the center of all these good feelings were black men. In Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison put it best when she said succinctly, “Everybody wants the life of a black man.” And Saturday’s outpouring of hilarity, solidarity, and black men’s constant humility showed us exactly why.

Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr

1. @AfricanaCarr initiated the tag when he shared this moment he had at the grocery store.

2. And, naturally, it just took off.

3. Can’t call it.

4. Boss recognize boss.

5. What’s hatnin’ is the proper usage of adlibs in the conversation

6. And this happens, no matter how far away

7. But it has to be upward.

8. Still can’t call it, but okay.

9. When you just knew they knew each other

10. But it’s about recognizing the truth in each other #Namaste

11. And staying grateful for the little things

12. Truth!

13. Word?

14. Sometimes you have to read in between the lines

15. And saying the most with the least

16. But sometimes you still can’t call it

17. Just trying to make it

18. Sis …finna slide in somebody’s DM!

19. Get your money

20. Come on with this word

21. And always greet, by any adjustments necessary

22. The greeting when you first meet

23. And when you’re familiar

24. Crine

25. Hello truth

26. Still can’t call it, beloved?

Now if you still don’t know, you will know…

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